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Guild Guidelines


Earn Guild Level Perks by Leveling the Guild.
CONGRATULATIONS!  We have earned them all!
To access Guild Perks in-game, Press J to open the Guild Window, Click GUILD tab, Click VIEW ALL PERKS.

Unlock Guild Achievement Rewards by Completing Guild Achievements.
To access Guild Rewards in-game, Press J to open the Guild Window, Click REWARDS tab.
NOTE:  Most rewards require a minimum level of Reputation with the Guild to purchase and/or to use.
This is not always noted on the Tooltip for the Guild Reward, until AFTER the Guild reward is unlocked by completing the required Guild Achievement.

Create and Enjoy a Fun, Stress and Drama Free, Game Community.

Politeness, Courtesy, and Consideration within the Guild and to Others.

We are a Casual guild, which means that while at any time, a member may put together a Pick-Up-Group or Schedule an Event on the Calender for Members to run a Dungeon, Raid, or Battleground, it is not our Guild Focus or Goal.

Members are not required to, and should not be pressured to, participate in any activities they do not wish to.
As a Diverse Group, we Each have an Obligation to be Sensitive to, and Respectful of, Differences in Race, Creed, Color, Gender, Age, Ability, Sexuality, Class, Religion, Politics and more.

Accordingly, Demeaning, Racist, Sexist, Ageist, Classist, or Otherwise Inappropriate Behavior, as well as Religious or Political Commentary or Debate, are Not Acceptable in Guild Channels.
Foul Language, Discussions of a Sexual Nature or Regarding  Substance Use (Drugs, Alcohol, or Tobacco) are Not Appropriate in Guild Channels.

While We All Occasionally Need to Vent, Negativity Should Be Kept to a Minimum.  Please Show Consideration for Others, and Their Game Enjoyment, When Speaking in Guild Channels.

Please Do Not Ask the Guild or Guild Members for Gold.
Gold can be earned from quest rewards and by looting kills, and by selling items you loot, gather or craft.
Please Do Not use Guild Channels to Sell items.
Promotions are Earned by Behavior and Activites, Both Within the Guild and With Others (including, but not limited to Trade Channels and Random Groups.  Please Remember, you represent us all).

Members who have been Offline for Extended Periods of Time will be set to the Lowest Rank, as a Security Measure. For Restoration of your Guild Rank upon your Return to the game, please see the Guild Leader.
Guild Bank Withdrawal/Repair Privileges Increase with Guild Rank Promotions.

Guild Bank Items are for the PROMPT use  of the Guild Member CHARACTER Withdrawing them.
NOT for Selling, NOT for Gifting to Other Players, NOT for Sending to Your Own Alts Within the Guild.

Take a partial stack by holding SHIFT while you click the item.  Please take the quantity you need.  Leave what you don't for others.
Please add useful items that you have to share with others to the Guild Bank.

 All members have the ability to invite new members.
To Add Member, Press J to open the Guild Window, Click INFO tab, Click ADD MEMBER.

PLEASE, politely ask the character if they would like to join BEFOREHAND.

      Would you like to join the Level 25 Guild, Azeroth?
We are casual guild, for all levels.

Please let me know if you have any Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?


Please visit our Events Page to find out about current and previous events!

Contest Page

Please visit our Contest Page page to find out about current and previous contests!

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